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Viswanathan G K – Business Unit Head (GIS)

Viswanathan G K is a Post-Graduate in Applied Geology with MBA in IT & Marketing. He has over two decades of experience spanning GIS and Hydrogeology. He is well versed in preparing GIS data models, building decision support systems in the areas such as urban planning, disaster management and water resources management. He has demonstrated knowledge and experience in principles and applications of spatial information technology in various verticals. As a GIS Specialist for World Bank and DFID funded projects, he has contributed towards the implementation of GIS in various State Governments in India. His key contributions in such projects include identifying solutions to the business problems of the clients, designing prototypes and proof of concepts that best fit the client's needs, providing specialized training among others.

After putting in considerable amount of time as a technical specialist, he moved to head the Business Development Group of NeST GIS business unit a few years back. Key account management, Liaison with Government Agencies, relationship building with clients are some of his forte. To his credit, he has authored and presented GIS concept papers in various conferences in India. He also delivers guest lectures in various universities.
Dr. Sambhu Panikkar – Chief Advisor

The GIS Business unit at NeST IT is headed by Dr. Sambhu V. Panikkar. He is a former faculty at the Department of Earth Sciences, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay, which is a premier institute in India. He has done a PhD in Remote Sensing and GIS from IIT Bombay. Dr. Panikkar has over two decades of experience in the field of GIS. He has handled both technical marketing and operations.

As head of the GIS Business unit, Dr. Panikkar has been instrumental in setting up the GIS business of NeST from scratch, building a competency center, developing business across various geographies (Europe, USA and Middle East) and delivering projects on time in 3 lines of business namely data development, application development and consultancy. Dr. Panikkar has several papers in various international and national journals like Geomorphology (Elsevier), Current Science, Indian Cartographer, etc.

A list of papers follows.
Panikkar, S.V. and Subramanyan, V. (1997):
“Landslide Hazard Analysis of the area around Dehradun and Mussoorie, Uttar Pradesh”, Current Science, V. 73, No. 12, pp 1117-1123.

Panikkar, S.V. and Subramanyan, V. (1996):
“A geomorphic evaluation of the landslides around Dehradun and Mussoorie, Uttar Pradesh, India”, Geomorphology, V. 15, pp 169-181.

Mukherjee, D., Arunachalam, B., Krishnan, N. and Panikkar, S.V. (1995):
“Isopleth mapping through computers and GIS”, Indian Cartographer, V. 15, pp 207-211.

Panikkar, S.V. and Pattanayak, P.G. (1993):
“A geomorphological appraisal of the landslides in the Mussoorie Hills, Uttar Pradesh, India”, Proc. III Intl. Geomorphology Conference, Ontario, Canada.
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