Mr. Hassan started his career in IBM, in 1968 as an Engineer in their semi-conductor development and manufacturing operations at East Fishkill, NY. In 10 years he became the head of IBM semi-conductor development operations, which consisted of over 2000 engineers and scientists. During this period he obtained over 20 patents in semi-conductor technology for his inventions. IEEE awarded him an IEEE, fellow status. Later on he held positions in IBM as corporate head of engineering and Technology at their world headquarters in New York as well as the head of their storage business, a 6 Billion Dollar revenue business.

He joined AMP Inc, world’s largest electronic components/connector company (a fortune 100 company) in 1988 as their corporate head of technology. In his 10 years career with AM, he diversified AMP into fiber-optics and wireless technologies and built that business to over 1.5 Billion Dollars. He retired from AMP as President of Global Inter Connect Systems business in 1998 and started his career as entrepreneur in his own right.

From 1998 till now he has built a worldwide technology business, the Nest Group, with operations in India, the Middle East, Japan, Europe and Americas. Nest Group has over 4000 employees, and products and technologies in health care (Ultra sound systems, MRI equipment, PAC system etc) Green energy (Fuel Cells, wind turbines control systems, wireless and fiber Optics communication systems. Nest Group’s worldwide customers include GE, Toshiba, Hitachi, ABB, and Verizon; Honey well, France telecom, Ehtisalat etc. Nest Group’s Head quarters is in Chantilly VA. He resides in Mclean VA.

Mr. N. Jehangir, our Vice-Chairman and Group Managing Director, brings to NeST his experience in successfully setting up and establishing state of the art Hi tech industry in Kerala. He heads the NeST group, one of the fastest growing industrial groups in Kerala.

On his way to the present level of success, he has won many laurels such as - Best Regional Export Award, Best Entrepreneurship award, Prime Minister’s award for Technology upgradation and Udyog Ratna award from the government of India for contribution in the field of Industrial development of the country, Top Exporter award from Technopark, Trivandrum. He works closely with the government of Kerala, KSIDC etc for the development of industries in Kerala and promoting Kerala abroad as an investment destination.
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