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High precision data is the backbone of any Geographic Information Systems given the fact that all geographic analysis rely entirely on the spatially referenced data.

Availability of such accurate data is very critical in the geospatial industry since map data service is a task that could be executed only by highly experienced data service providers. For over a decade, NeST GIS has been providing data services to clients across the globe. We have a well dedicated data development team with a successful track record in executing such projects meeting our customer’s demands. Our area of expertise in providing map data services include utility, cadastral, parcels, navigation (Aviation and Marine) among others.

Services offered include:
  • CAD conversion
  • Creation/Maintenance of Geographic database
  • Data content enrichment/ Map conflation
  • Data migration (ETL)

Data service competencies:
  • Landbase maintenance
  • ESRI Parcel Fabric – Data creation and migration services
  • Utility mapping (Electric, Telecom, Water, Gas, Sewage)
  • Navigation mapping (Aviation, Marine)
  • LiDAR data processing

Software competencies:
  • Esri
  • ArcFM
  • Autodesk
  • Bentley
  • MapInfo
  • Terrasolid

NeSTGIS has rich competencies in Airborne and Mobile LiDAR data processing and offers a number of services and products as part of the GIS data development services.

LiDAR data processing expertise

  • Highly skilled personnel for classification and editing of LiDAR data to ensure the best product
  • Expertise in LiDAR data calibration and control correction
  • Internal accuracy assessment on all projects
  • Stereo pairs and ortho-images to facilitate editing and breakline creation
  • Ortho rectification and mosaic generation

Expertise in processing LiDAR data for the following applications

  • Terrain Modeling
  • Flood mapping & Emergency Response
  • 3D city modeling
  • Airport Obstruction Surveys
  • Corridor & Right of Way Mapping
  • Transportation Clearance Analysis
  •  Asset Inventory
  •  Forestry Applications
  • LiDARgrammetry and Image orthorectification
  • 3D Reconstruction of mines & tunnels

Core Competencies:
Specialized data processing workflow solutions in delivering LiDAR data products such as

  • Classified high fidelity point clouds
  • DEM & DSM
  • Contours & Breaklines
  • LiDAR Data calibration
  • 2D & 3D Planimetrics
  • 3D building models
  • Powerline and pole vectors
  • Point density and coverage Analysis Reports
  • Tree lists
  • Finished Floor elevations (FFE)
  • LiDAR Stereopairs

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