case studies

Infrastructure and physical development plan information system
The main objective of the project was to provide consultancy services for accurate capture and review of GIS Data pertinent to urban development which included developing an ESRI Enterprise Geodatabase for urban planning and a custom ArcGIS application to manage this Geodatabase.

Kahramaa Water
Study & document the business processes in Water Network Affairs and associated Departments in KM in relation to automation & Spatial data requirements. The process involved developing data model, data standards and identify metadata requirements among others.

Application Development
Mobile GIS information capture tool
The objective of the project was to develop an OGC compliant web-based mobile GIS application that can be deployed in mobile devices like UPDs, iPads, Android phones, tablets etc. for efficient field data collection.

Digital atlas
An interactive and intelligible multimedia application, developed to provide an unsurpassed first hand reference on GIS and socio-economic information for a country in the Middle East.

OFC network inventory
The objective of the project was to develop a remote fiber monitoring application.

Marine simulator
The objective of the project was to develop a 3D simulation application for marine vessels and torpedoes.

Terrain profile generator application
To helps Airliners to visually represent a range of terrain information and alternate safe routes for flying when the aircraft is flown through a high elevation terrain.

Landbase portal : WebGIS
The project aims at managing this portal which facilitates Identification, Production, Publishing and Maintenance of concurrent landbase database in a fast and easy mode.

Conversion and Migration
Water network data conversion
The objective of the GIS Water Network Data Conversion Services was to convert the water network data available with Water Network Affairs (WNA) section to an Enterprise Geodatabase for enterprise-wide implementation of GIS.

Technology migration
The objective of the project was to improve the operational efficiency of the department by updating the survey data to GIS database and streamlining the policy plan print out process.

Data Development
Tract project
The objective of the project was creation and maintenance of existing seamless landbase datasets for a couple of states. The final dataset is used by the client for various commercial purposes.

Aeronautical charting
The objective of the project was to generate and periodically update the Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) Enroute Charts and the Terminal Procedure Plates that reside in the Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) to be used by the pilots in an aircraft.

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